The 5 People with Meytar Zehavi

The only toolkit an Entrepreneur needs. A step by step guide to taking your idea and turning it into a profitable business.

Meytar Zehavi is a content creator, actor and host.

Coming from a tech background with military service in an elite technology unit, Meytar has over 8 years of experience in the cybersecurity, hi-tech and general technology industries.

A daughter to a stage actor, Meytar has been on and off stage from an early age, and loved performing and making people smile, laugh and feel. Combining her dynamic background in performing arts and technology, Meytar uses her expertise to create content that’s interesting, approachable and fun.

Today, what began as mere curiosity about the business world and the opportunities it offers, Meytar went on and created “The 5 People”, where she interviews different people about success skills and approaches. They discuss skills such as storytelling, marketing, entrepreneurship, as well as mental health, emotion control and more.


11 episodes in this course