The Game of Intimacy | Michael Finkel

Join Michael in “The game of Intimacy”

In this series, you will learn.
-How to create intimacy in your relationships
-Ways to bring more authenticity to your life
-Tools to deepen your love connections
-New ideas on how to have more playfulness & sincerity in your sexuality
-How vulnerability becomes a power
-New approaches to grow from fights & conflicts in a relationship to seeing conflicts as opportunities to grow together
-Learn about sexually erotic intimacy and how you can create it
-Learn to communicate boundaries & desires in sexuality without distancing your partners
-Learn to approach these topics with curiosity and goodwill & invite each other to play “The Game of Intimacy”

Are you ready for the game?

Created by: Liron Ben Ari TheySaydigital Ltd

Michael Finkel is a “Sacred sexuality” & “Non-violent communication- NVC” facilitator. He holds courses, events, and retreats and has created “The Artemple Tribe” – a laboratory to explore intimacy, sensuality & love. Michael is a professional contemporary aerial circus artist and a Tango dancer; He believes learning can be done through laughter, playfulness & creativity.


6 episodes in this course