Heal through the Power of Sound and Frequency | Sonic Yogi

Throughout this 10 day course we will look closely at the role of sound and frequency in our lives and how we can incorporate this knowledge into meditative practice. We will also explore how meditation may expand our awareness enabling us a greater understanding and mastery over our own internal vibrations.

Jonathan Adams (a.k.a. Sonic Yogi) discovered the healing benefits of Sound Therapy after experiencing extreme anxiety. Since then, he has led talks and workshops on sound therapy at TedX, the BOLD MindBody Conference, and more. His sound therapy tracks are streamed on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and the Insight Timer app. He also creates courses, and leads workshops regarding the role of sound and frequency in the mind-body connection. Using his sound therapy expertise, Jonathan helps you relax, de-stress and enjoy deeper meditation.


10 episodes in this course