Breaking the Code of Romantic Love

Whether you are a couple looking to improve your relationship or a therapist training other therapists to work with couples, Dr. Sue Johnson’s message and techniques will provide valuable tools for change. And her message is very clear and direct: everything we need to know about relationships, we learned in childhood. Drawing upon research into the sciences of attachment and bonding and in very clear language, she provides concrete strategies to help strengthen relationships by enhancing safety, security and connection.

Instead of focusing on fleeting issues that drive problems in relationships, she shows how the principles of EFT can help couples to more effectively express, process and reciprocate emotions. Feeling heard and hearing each other is the key to relationship survival. Dr. Johnson teaches us to build on these simple yet powerful ideas to increase relationship satisfaction and the effectiveness of couples therapy.

For Dr. Johnson, the enemy of love is not conflict, but distance and emotional disconnection. She imparts useful strategies and techniques for safely lessening distance, increasing partner responsiveness and strengthening intimacy. Real-life examples from her work help us to replace old notions about relationship traps. In their place, couples and clinicians will learn about the specific stages and methods for building or rebuilding healthy and rewarding ties.


8 episodes in this course