Introduction to Blockchain: From Beginner to Expert | Professor Moran Cerf

Learn about Blockchain from a hacker who was in the midst of its invention.

In this course, Professor Moran Cerf, a hacker and neuroscientist, walks us through one of the key challenges that brought him to set up this class: the fact that while the Internet is full of videos and texts suggesting that they “Explain what Blockchain is”, somehow when he came to look for one clear place that would give him all the answers he couldn’t find one.

A quick search for explanations would give you vague and unclear content and in the end you typically find yourself not sure about a lot of things (how do I set one up, is it risky, where is it going? Will it replace money? Can it be used for things beyond financial exchanges? Etc.)

In this class, Professor Cerf walks us through the answers to all the questions he had when he ventured into this field. In a methodical way we learn about Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFTs, general cryptocurrencies, and more. From the complex math behind them (for those who dare) to the applications that any person can implement. Simply put, if you want to know anything about the new world of Web 3.0 - welcome to this master class.


22 episodes in this course