Lucid Dreaming with Araminta Barbour

Cultivate a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries by awakening to the wisdom of your dream life.

What you'll receive:

13 videos (over 4 1/2 hours of content)
Journaling and Self-inquiry Guides
Meditations and Rituals

Embrace the wonder of your inner child and dive into the awe-inspiring adventure of lucid dreaming. Through effective rituals and practices you will be supported in this course to wake up in your dreams within 30 days.

Filled with inspiring ideas of what adventures to explore in your dream life, this Lucid Dreaming course opens up the gateways to the immense wisdom of our inner life and develops our relationship to the symbolic language of our subconscious mind.

This course is fun and practical where you will learn how to sustain lucidity to extend your experiences and decode the symbols of your dream world.

Fundamentally, this course focuses on the transformational spiritual practices of Dream Yoga, drawing on teachings from the Tibetan lineage. You will also be guided to work with you shadow and nightmares.

Ultimately we are guided to bring the practice to this waking life and to live magically here and now working with the great oracle of life itself. Embrace Lucid Living fully through this life-altering experience of yourself.

Your guide is Araminta Barbour, an international transformational facilitator and guide who is Lead Faculty with ISTA.


14 episodes in this course