Sexologist Shelly Varod interviews OnlyFans star CJ Sparxx

Shelly Varod, an expert sex therapist, in an intimate conversation with CJ Sparxx, a model and one of the most successful women in the OnlyFans industry. In an open conversation Sparxx shares her unbelievable journey as a child growing up in a strict ultra religious envioremnet through fighting an alcohol addiction and becoming an influencer in one of the most fascinating and controversial industries.

CJ Spraxx is the host of the podcast "inside OnlyFans" and a model. She featured in multiple PLAYBOY covers, and she is also speaks openly about past drug and alcohol problems and is very active in promoting the 12 steps program.

Shelly Varod is a certified sexual therapist by the Israeli Association for Sexual Therapy and the European Association for Sexual Health. She recently gave a lecture on the TEDx stage where she talked about the sexual script, sexuality and technology. Shelly is the host of an Israeli podcast where she talks with Israeli celebs about their love life.