How to be a successful content creator? | Nuseir Yasin and Meytar Zehavi

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Nuseir Yassin, also known as Nas Daily, is a content creator with 50+ million followers across all platforms and over 9+ billion views. He is also the CEO of Nas Studios, a media production company, and Nas Academy that aspires to be the world's best creator school while giving creators the best possible tools for creating and managing their communities.

Meytar Zehavi is a host, an actor and an indie producer. While spending her military service in the elite tech unit 8200, Meytar found she had a gift for training and education, when the idea was simple, learning should be fun.

Meytar worked as an international technical trainer for a cyber security company, when she decided to follow her passion and go study acting and script writing in HB Studio New York.

Today, Meytar is a content creator, and the producer & host of Worst Case You’ll Make It, a show that is all about giving people the tools they need to take the next step towards their personal success, in a fun, approachable way.