Dr. Tiffany Vora | Health: building our best life

Dr. Tiffany Vora is an educator, writer, scientific researcher, and entrepreneur. She is currently Professor and Vice President of Medicine and Digital Biology at Singularity University, a global community of learning and innovation. She has contributed to literally thousands of research papers, grant proposals, articles, presentations, videos, and books.

Tiffany co-founded Bayana Science, a science-focused communications company, to help researchers and students hone their writing and speaking skills. It has a particular focus on nurturing, amplifying and connecting women and people of color around the world, because diversity drives creativity and innovation.

Tiffany Vora earned her BA in Biology and Chemistry from New York University and her Ph.D. from the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University. She previously worked in drug discovery and taught at Stanford University and the American University in Cairo.