Vishen Lakhani - Spiritual Secrets to Achieve Success

Vishen Lakhani is one of the architects of modern personal growth. He is the creator of Mindvalley, the most powerful life transformation platform in the world, to which he applies cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and machine learning solutions, making it the most advanced learning platform in the world. His goal for Mindvalley is to reach 100 national education systems and every Fortune 500 company over the next decade.

He has launched dozens of leading personal growth experts to fame, including Marisa Peer and mental coach Jim Kwik, who run some of the programs at Mindvalley. She also revived the Silva Method, a program focused on opening deeper levels of the mind, and popularized the Wildfit and Lifebook brands.

Vishen Lakhani is the author of The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and The Badass. He hosts The Mindvalley Podcast, which has had over 20 million downloads and is in the top 5% of podcasts worldwide. Due to his popularity, Vishen Lakhiani will publish a book on his 6-phase meditation system, which has been hailed by famous athletes and celebrities.