A love letter to Black and Brown youth. SCHOOL is an intimate and meditative look into one full day at a Bronx Middle/High School.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where negative stereotypes surrounding Black and Brown youth in America are harmful, dangerous, and flat out untrue. This film is a protest to that very thought. With unprecedented access, we see Black and Brown youth in an environment most never get access to; being just as they are, free from reductive stereotypes.

In SCHOOL, we reflect on a vibrant past and look forward to a hopeful future, where kids are back to where they deserve to be.

Directed by Anthony Laurence Hull
Produced by Demetrius Beckham
Cinematography by Chiao Chen
Editing by Chiao Chen
Color Grading by Alexia Salingaros
Sound Mixing/Designing by Calvin Pia
Title Design by Vivian Zhang
Project Management by Ditte Ravnild