Moving Communities - Dance Classes for People Living with Parkinson's Disease

Since 2015, Moving Communities has facilitated weekly Contemporary Dance Classes for people living with Parkinson’s disease in Yasmeen Godder’s studio in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. Led by professional dancers and supported by a group of volunteers from the dance community and beyond, the classes employ a wide range of movement practices, from Capoeira to Alexander Technique and from voice exploration to improvisation. The classes create a unique encounter that continues to be a source of inspiration and change, both for the dance teachers and for the dancers’ living with Parkinson’s disease, whose illness has required them to become movement experts.
We are excited to share a variety of our online Moving Communities classes, which could be enjoyed and explored repeatedly, either sitting or standing. All classes are suitable for people with no previous movement experience.


VOD Events


Musicality and Imagination - with Shiri Sabah Teicher


Improvisation with Space - with Sigal Bergman


Capoeira for Parkinson's - with Ofir Yudilevitch


3 episodes

Moving Communities - 3 Classes (special price)