Curious Birds with Lili Taylor and Casey McFarland

A series of virtual events with two of America's most prominent birders and their expert guests. Presented by Silent Crow Arts

Lili Taylor is an award-winning actor.
Casey McFarland is a world-renowned wildlife tracker.
Together they are Curious Birds.

Whether on a movie set or at home, Lili Taylor spends every moment she can outside, watching birds. She is a board member of the National Audubon Society and obsessed with the feathered wonders that share the planet with us. Casey McFarland spends every moment HE can outside watching birds too, unless he’s inside writing the Peterson Field Guide to Bird Nests of North America. They are both endlessly bird-curious, even beyond their already-substantial expertise. What makes them especially similar though, is that they’re both drawn to the birds we take for granted. The ones we see all the time in our own backyards.

Curious Birds is a series of live conversations with two of America’s most prominent birders and their world-class expert guest. Each episode explores the birds we thought we already knew. You’ll quickly find out, just how little you knew about those birds right outside your window. It’s a chance to ask questions. A chance to learn. A chance to laugh. And a chance to hang out with your two new best friends… who just happen to be a movie star and the author of the new Peterson Guide.

Curious Birds is a proud supporter of the National Audubon Society. If you would like to help protect birds and the places they need, you can make a donation at


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Ep 3 - The Cheery and Adorable House Finch


Ep 2 - Spring Returns


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